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N2IQU History of N2IQU antennas
W8MQW Chucks picture site
PA0ZN EME, Moon Tracking, EME Newsletters Antenne Gallery, EME Net Notes, Microwave and Weaksignal DSP for Weaksignal HSCW MS and More, SETI Radio Astronomy Supplies, Amateur Radio, Astronomy Radio, Astronomy, Newskiosk
K2AH 23 cm Amps
DownEast Microwave VHF, UHF & Microwave transverters, pre-amps, accessories and components
SSB Electronic USA SSB Electronic USA, VHF/ UHF / SHF converters, preamps, transverters, etc.
CPI - Eimac Electron Tubes and information on using electron tubes
Mt. Airy VHF Club (Packrats) Mt. Airy VHF Club (Packrats), VHF-UHF Club in the Philadelphia area
N.E.W.S. NorthEast Weak Signal Group N.E.W.S. NorthEast Weak Signal Group, New England area VHF-UHF club
Central States VHF Society Central States VHF Society, Long standing VHF and up organization
Southeastern VHF Society Southeastern VHF Society holds an annual conference in the spring.
LNA Technology Pre-amps, sequencers, power dividers
  Manitou Systems, Inc. Industrial Plasma Systems

Microprocessor controlled RF Generators 

Array Solutions

Power Master Digital RF power meter with VHF-UHF sensors by Lunar-Link Systems.

Plus lots of toys for serious HF ops.

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